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When the guys at Trojan Airsoft asked us to create them a short internet trailer to promote their site, we jumped at the chance to create a thrilling action short. Inspired by a short test film we shot last year we started looking at possible concepts. One I particularly liked the idea of was how playing Airsoft makes you feel. After playing a few games a while back I remembered it making me feel like an action star; I was untouchable. Airsoft by its very nature is a bit goofy – grown men running around with imitation fire arms playing soldier.

Chris gun

With this in mind we decided to embrace the silliness and shoot a bombastic action viral-esque short, the idea being our protagonist is untouchable channelling an action star of yesteryear a la John Claude Van Damn.

teamShooting schedules between this and other projects were tight. Between site access, volunteers and everything else, we had to shoot this and the Furian video in the same day. The crew were happy with this and embraced the hurt hurdling towards them. With little to no time to plan the whole thing and the intense work required we decided that I (Christian) would play the lead, knowing what would be physically required for the shoot.

With about six hours shooting time and the majority of the sequences being made up on the spot this was barely enough time to capture all the footage we needed for the short. I don’t recommend shooting projects this way, instead opting to shoot one intensive project per day. Luckily for us though our volunteers were patient, and put up with the long periods of time spent standing around.

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